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Consecration and Purification is a typical part of the opening of most Druid Ceremonies, whether in a group, or in a solo ceremony. By Consecrating and Purifying the Circle, we define it as Sacred for the work we are there to do during the Ceremony. Most Ceremonies are consecrated both with Water and with Fire, and this Incense has been carefully blended with 9 Herbs, 9 Essential Oils, and 3 Wood Powders so that, when burned, the smoke will Consecrate and Purify the Ceremonial Circle.

The Incense blend has been carefully developed using all natural ingredients including 9 Herbs, 9 Essential Oils and 3 Wood Powders that are sacred or significant to the time of Alban Eilir.

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The incense sticks are 19cm long and come in small (1.5mm diameter) in a pack of 27 or large (3.5mm diameter) in a pack of 11. The incense coils are 55mm in diameter and have a burn length of 300mm and come in a pack of 7.

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The following 9 Herbs and Resins were used in the large incense stick recipe.

The following 9 Essential Oils were used in this incense recipe.

The following 3 Wood Powders were used in this incense recipe.
The small incense sticks and coils are made using high quality Agarwood incense infused with the Oil Blend listed above.

The following ingredients were used in the loose incense recipe. It has also been infused with the Oil Blend listed above.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Each of the ingredients in this incense blend has been chosen for its properties of purification, consecration and cleansing, as well as contributing to the creation of a Sacred Space.

Use With

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Consecration and Purification Incense

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Small Sticks – 1.5mm (Pack of 27), Large Sticks – 3.5mm (Pack of 11), Coils – (Pack of 7), Loose Incense – (10gms), Loose Incense – (16gms), Cones – Coming Soon, Sample Pack

References: The blends and essences created by Druid Alchemy have been influenced by a number of resources. We have listed those resources on the References Page.