Myrrh enhances contemplation and meditation. It not only helps to maintain a state of enlightenment, but also clears negative energy and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth.

Myrrh brings peace, healing, consecration, and blessing.

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There are approximately 190 species of Commiphora,? distributed from Africa across to India, the Myrrh resin is a natural gum that exudes from the naturally occurring cracks of the smallish 3 metre thorny plant, shrub, tree. The ducts within the bark of the plant, holds the gum resin, and when incised can generate more resin and increase the yield of the plant. Collection is made approximately 2 weeks thereafter, when the dried gum is about the size of a walnut.

This process of Myrrh collection also correlates with the similar process of procuring Frankincense. The name is derived from the Hebrew “mor” and Arabic “mur” (both derived from ‘bitter’) from a long and rich history in trading of these reddish-brown hardened masses of oleo gum resin, were used as perfumes, medicines, and incense ingredients.

Myrrh is one of the oldest known oils, referred to in biblical and religious texts. The Egyptians were known to use it for religious ceremonies, embalming and as a cosmetic ingredient due to its ability to preserve flesh.

Ingredients: Commiphora Myrrha Oil

Botanical name: Commiphora molmol

Common name: Myrrh

Plant part: Resin

Extraction method: Steam distilled

Common uses: Myrrh has been known for its calming properties, for this reason it is often used during meditation.

Medicinal Use

It has benefits for respiratory and digestive complaints, as well as relieving gum and mouth diseases, and increasing the immune system against unwanted infections. Aids in muscle & joint relief, menstrual ease, good for the cold and coughs, with irritating throats, and mouth and gum sores. Useful on dry, chapped, cracked skin, eczema, wounds and wrinkles.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Spiritually relaxing with meditation before healing.

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