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We are passionate about protecting and preserving our environment. To do this, where possible, we purchase organic and sustainably sourced products. But we also understand that a lot of energy goes into transporting the goods to us, and then packaging and sending them to you. Unfortunately not all of this can be achieved without some negative effects on the environment. In order to offset these effects, we take between 3% & 8% of all sales and put them into Tree Planting Programs.

We currently support the One Tree Planted project which has tree planting projects around the world, and will plant a tree for 1 US dollar. Depending on our profit margins, between 3% & 8% of all our sales will be spent on planting trees. This means that, yes we could sell our products cheaper to you, but we are passionate about Trees, and feel this is a worthwhile cause. We hope you agree.

On our checkout page you will be given the choice of where you would like to plant your trees from these regions and countries:

You will also be given the option for you name to be shown on this page, or whether you would prefer to remain anonymous. You will be emailed with updates on  the trees that are planted in your name, and you will be able to view the details on your account page.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us in this project.