Our Policies

  • We feel very strongly about the protection of the environment, and produce or purchase all of our products with that in mind.
  • Between 3% & 10% of all of our profits go to planting trees. So when you purchase from us, you are contributing to world wide tree planting programs.
  • When available, we use herbs grown organically in our own garden.
  • All other herbs are purchased from reputable and sustainable organic sources.
  • We aim to distill many of our own essential oils, but until that time, all of our essential oils are purchased from reputable and sustainable sources.
  • Any carrier oils we use are purchased from reputable and sustainable sources.
  • Where possible, we buy from local producers. We like to support small businesses whenever possible.
  • We avoid the use of products that are wasteful to the worlds resources.
  • We recycle and reuse everything that we possible can as we create our products for you.

In this modern era people have become accustomed to using resources once and then discarding them. And this must stop in order to protect the future of our environment. But we also need to be able to provide our products so they arrive fresh to you. In order to do this, all of our incense is packaged in glass or cardboard tubes that are reusable. We do also use glass bottles, and in some cases, mylar ziplock bags etc. These are often discarded once the contents have been used.

As an incentive for you to reuse these containers, we would like to offer to refill these items at a discounted price with any future purchase. Simply return the empty packaging to us, and save on future purchases.

Contact Us for more details.

Our Latest Products


Love the incense. Its perfume speaks of pine forests touched by the first sprinkle of snow – of winding tracks through the Bushland sparkling with frost in the light of the early dawn and the welcoming crackle of warming fires. A sense of settling into the arms of Mother Earth to become grounded and nourished. Wonderful. This would be a top seller in the Northern Hemisphere at Alban Arthan I am sure. Smells like Christmas.


Thank you so much, the package arrived really fast. And thank you for the gift. I currently have the Consecration & Purification incense burning. It’s beautiful. So clean and pure.


Making Incense

In this video I share a bit about how I make my Ceremonial Incense.

The ingredients are selected for their properties and their influences on us, both physical and metaphysical. Then after lots of experimenting and testing I arrive at the final recipe. The recipe consists of 9 herbs or resins, 3-4 wood powders, and these are mixed and infused with an oil blend made from 9 essential oils.

I make 10 different Ceremonial Incense blends, 8 of them for the seasonal festivals that Druid’s, Pagans and other may cultures follow. They include:

Read More…Making Incense

Developing my Essential Oil Blends

I thought I would share the process I go through when I am working on a new essential oil blend.

Most of my blends are made with 9 essential oils or absolutes. But often after researching the oils that will suit the blend I am developing, I am left with quite a long list of possible ingredients.

By using this method I can work out the best combination of the oils for the desired effect.

Read More…Developing my Essential Oil Blends

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Acknowledgment of Land

Druid Alchemy recognises the Wanangini people as the traditional owners of the land that Druid Alchemy operates on.
We pay our respects to Wanangini Elders past, present and future; and recognise and support their peoples continued connection to their land, waters and community.

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