Vervain is a powerful herb of blessing and consecration when used to ritually “sweep” the altar or when burned as incense.

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Medicinal Use

Vervain aerials have been used traditionally for countless conditions, including stimulation of lactation and treatment of dysmenorrhea, kidney stones, jaundice, anxiety, gout, headache, depression, and insomnia. Used as a poultice or ointment, vervain is considered a natural remedy for bruises, skin infections, insect bites, eczema, and other skin disorders. It has also been used to alleviate sprains. Vervain is also an astringent, a bitter digestive tonic and a diuretic.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Vervain is a powerful herb of blessing and consecration when used to ritually “sweep” the altar or when burned as incense. White vervain is the most magical. Vervain is carried or worn to bring love and protection. It is used in the ritual bath and is scattered to bring peace. Anoint your body with its juice to aid in wish manifestations of all kinds. Place some in the chalice. Vervain is traditionally gathered at Midsummer or at the rising of the Dog Star when neither sun nor moon are in the sky. It is a sacred herb of purification.

Vervain is a profoundly magical herb belonging to the sphere of Venus. Roman priests and priestesses used it as an altar plant—it was tied in bundles and used to ritually “sweep” and purify the altar. Druids placed it in water that was sprinkled on worshipers as a blessing.

Vervain was picked at the rising of the Dog Star, at the dark of the moon, just before flowering. It was taken from the earth with the sacred sickle and raised aloft in the left hand. After prayers of thanksgiving were spoken, the Druid or Druidess left a gift of honey to recompense the Earth for her loss.

Vervain was once infused in wine and worn on the body to ward off the stings of insects and serpents. It is used in the bath as a protection from enchantments and to make dreams come true.

Wearing or bathing in vervain places one under the influence of Diana. After washing your hands in the infusion, it will be possible to engender love in the one you touch.

To dispel fears, light a candle daily and surround it with vervain. Speak aloud a prayer to the Gods and Goddesses asking for release from your fear. Do this as long as necessary.

On the night of the full moon, go outside with a chalice filled with water, vervain, and salt. Take also a candle and a piece of petrified wood. Dip the stone into the water mixture and then pass it through the candle flame. Touch the stone to your feet, hands, shoulders, and head. As you do this ask for the blessings of youth and beauty. Repeat the process seven times.

Vervain is worn as a crown during Druidic initiatory rites and as a protection for those who are working magic. It is sprinkled throughout the home or ritual area and burned as incense as a protection and to bring peace. Keep some in the bedroom to bring tranquil dreams. Keep it in the home to attract wealth and to keep plants healthy. Sprinkle some on the garden as an offering to the elementals and other nature spirits. Drinking the juice of fresh vervain is said to cut sexual desire. Burn it to banish the pangs of unrequited love.

Vervain is worn to recover stolen articles. Tucked into a child’s cradle, the plant brings joy and a lively intellect.

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