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High quality and 100% natural Sticky Powder. The powder has a lovely mild spicy aroma, the perfect natural binder for handmade incense sticks, cones etc.

Sticky Powder is, as suggested by its name, is a powder that when mixed with liquid becomes sticky. It is derived from 100% natural wood product that is highly viscous and adhesive.

It is for this reason that it has been used for centuries across Asia and the Middle East, as a binder when making incense sticks, cones, coils etc.

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Spiritual/Magical Use

Sandalwood oil placed on the forehead aids in focusing the mind. The scent opens the highest spiritual centers and so makes an appropriate incense for rituals, exorcisms, and healings. The powdered wood is strewn to the directions or offered to the fire to bring protection and consecration to any ceremony. Mix it with lavender to enhance contact with the spirit world. Mix it with frankincense for the highest spiritual “octave.” The scents of frankincense and sandalwood have some of the highest vibrations inherent in any plant. They will resonate with aspects of ourselves or with Devic/Angelic beings of the highest order. Rose is another herb held to have that frequency, thus attracting or eliciting the highest spiritual vibrations from within ourselves and the cosmos. Sandalwood has a calming, sedative effect and aids in meditation. In ritual formulas, it is used for purification, consecration, relaxation, and peace.

Use With

These incense burners are ideal for heating the Sandalwood Chips.

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