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Olibanum is similar to Frankincense and has a pleasant, sweet and woody odour.

Boswellia frereana is a species of plant native to Somaliland where the locals call it “Dhidin” or “Maydi” (other spellings include: Meydi, Meyti, Maidi, Maieti, and Mayeti) or the king of all frankincense. It is also known as the Yigaar (or Yegaar) tree and by the common name for all frankincense, Luban.

Other than its aromatic uses, the locals also use it for medicinal purposes; they make it into a paste called “malmal” and apply it on the joints to treat inflammation and arthritis.

In the West B. frereana is called “Coptic Frankincense” as this is the type and grade used by the Coptic Church of Egypt. 80% of B. frereana production is sold to Saudi Arabia where it is traditionally brought home by Muslim pilgrims. The remaining 20% is sold all around the world.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Myrrh enhances contemplation and meditation. Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the Moon’s sphere, sacred to Isis. Burned, it brings peace, healing, consecration, and blessing.

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