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Medicinal Use

Nettle root comes from the stinging nettle plant. With a long tradition of medicinal use, stinging nettle was historically used to treat joint pain and help the body rid itself of excess water. Nettle root is more commonly used than the leaves and appears to have different medicinal properties. It can be consumed as an extract, tea, capsule, tincture, or applied topically. Medicinal uses include: to treat joint ailments, as a diuretic, and astringent.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Magickal uses include dispelling darkness & fear, strengthening the will, and aiding in the ability to handle emergencies. Sprinkle in the home to drive off evil & negativity. Carry in a sachet or use with a poppet to turn back a spell on the one who cast it. Sprinkle on self to remove petty jealousies, gossip, envy, and uncomfortable situations.

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