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Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Chemically jojoba is a liquid wax rather than an oil and as such, it has quite different chemistry to the majority of carrier oils. Jojoba became very popular in the cosmetic industry when whale oil fell out of favour. In fact, in some places, Jojoba is known as ‘desert whale’ oil due to its similar composition and skin benefit profile. The oil is rich in Vitamin E and has a similar chemical composition to the skins sebum, making it suitable for all skin types especially skin that is prone to outbreaks. Due to its fine texture it is great to use on a dry scalp and is easy to wash out.

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Native To: The deserts of the USA and Mexico.

Common uses: Jojoba American oil is a very popular, all purpose carrier oil. It is used by manufacturers (particularly as a conditioning agent in hair care products), aromatherapists, and massage therapists.

Consistency: Generally flowable but will start to solidify in cold weather.

Absorption: Absorbs into skin at average speed, slight oil feeling left on skin.

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