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Black Copal is used as a traditional incense used in ceremonies/rituals and the home. It is also used in traditional medicine, dissolved in oil for a broad range of skin-related problems. Like most tree resins, Protium Paniculatum has a deep affinity with the skin.

If used in skincare, cosmetics or therapeutic products, the resin can be ground and infused in a warm carrier oil in a water-bath. Once it has given itself to the oil, the infusion can be sedimented and filtered to provide a healing aromatic base for creams, salves, lotions, ointments and medicated oils. This oil infusion can also be used in the creation of solid perfumes.

As an incense, Protium Paniculatum resin burns with a pleasant caramel, fruity, green fragrance with light floral notes.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Draws out negative energy and cleanses it to bring in positive energy. It helps with depression and self-balancing. It also offers great protection from negative energy and outside influences. Copal and Amber are both wonderful manifestation tools as well. Promotes fertility and is also great for the birthing process: increases clarity, creative expression and confidence.

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