At Druid Alchemy, we are passionate about transforming an ordinary place into something special, a Sacred Space. This may be a place you have chosen for a Ceremony with others, or where you work alone. It could be a place where you undertake Spiritual studies or just sit and Meditate.

To do this we use various aids to not just define the space, but to also transform that space using Light, Scents and Sounds.

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess, and the merest hint of certain scents, can trigger powerful reactions in our minds. Different scents can have the power to change our state of mind and unlock parts of our subconscious that may otherwise remain closed to us.

By working with the energies and essences of Trees, Plants and Flowers an area can be transformed into a magical and sacred place. The different blends and essences we create are developed to take you on a sensual journey through a landscape of forests, flowers, herbs, and wild gardens, and at the same time, cleansing and revitalising the Ceremonial space.

Many sounds, such as Chimes and Bells are considered sacred in many cultures and produce beautiful tones that can communicate with the spirits and declare something as being Sacred. The sound of the Bell is said to disengage the mind from ongoing thoughts, thus making it more receptive. Ringing bells during prayer or ceremony is said to help in controlling the ever-wandering mind and keep it focused.

Fire is another way to further enhance your Sacred Space. Whether lighting candles, oil lamps or a Fire Bowl, lighting a flame can signal the beginning of a Ceremony. Fire can be seen as a doorway to the spirit realm where communications can be opened. Fire is often used to aid in connecting with our Ancestors and receiving their messages.

The following are some of the items we create, or have sourced, to share with the wider community.

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