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Note: 20:1 means it takes 20kg of plant material to produce 1kg of extract.

Skullcap is a medicinal plant that’s long been used for healing purposes, particularly in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Skullcap is a member of the mint family, and gets it name from the shape resembling a medieval helmet – and its benefits for brain and mind-associated issues. This herb has been used as an alternative medicine to help heal inflammation, provide relief from spasms, stimulate blood flow in the pelvic region, encourage menstruation, help eliminate headaches and as a sedative for relaxation.

Medicinal Use

Slippery elm is a demulcent, emollient and detoxifying agent as well as a health tonic and laxative. Common medicinal uses include: soothes throat and gut inflammation, regulates bowels, absorbs and excretes toxins.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Slippery elm is hung around a child’s neck to ensure speaking skills in later life. Magickal uses include protection and halting gossip. Tie a knotted yellow thread around slippery elm and throw it into a fire to cease all gossip about you.

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