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Thin sheets of mica, a translucent silicate mineral, have been used in Japan for hundreds of years for the purpose of heating – rather than burning – raw aromatics wood chips and kneaded incense.

Use our wire-wrapped mica plates with Square Charcoal and White Ash to gently raise the temperature of sumptuous Agarwood (aloeswood) Wood Chips, Sandalwood Chips, or Kneaded Incense so that a rich inner aroma is released.

  • 1 Mica Plate, approx. 7/8″ square
  • Combine with White Ash, Square Charcoal A or Square Charcoal B
  • Use with aromatic wood chips and granules, Kneaded Incense, Pressed Incense

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Note: We supply all of the raw ingredients you need to make your own herbal teas, blends, incenses, etc. They are not packaged with instructions. By selling them in this simple format we can provide them to you at the best possible price. Please reference this page for any instructions. If in doubt, feel free to Contact Us.