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Dragon’s Blood Grades: If you have purchased Dragon’s Blood resin for incense before, chances are it was Frankincense or some other resin, coated in Dragon’s Blood and possibly scented with a fragrance. Which really excludes it from the 100% Natural category as fragrances are chemicals produced in a lab. If the Dragon’s Blood has a strong scent, then it is probably a blend with added fragrance. Dragon’s Blood melts with a little heat and it is easy to coat other resins in it by tumbling them in molten Dragon’s Blood.
I now have Pure Dragon’s Blood in A Grade and B Grade. The B Grade is raw and natural and may have some impurities in it. A Grade is very Clean and Pure.
This listing is for Pure Dragon’s Blood. You can buy Dragon’s Blood Blend here.

The real Dragon’s Blood. Looks almost like obsidian, glassy and fractures easy. Doesn’t have a very strong scent on its own, but is very nice when added to other resins and herbs.

Dragon’s Blood resin is know to have a strong herbal and spicy fragrance.

The resin is extracted from many different tropical tree species commonly called dragon trees. These may come from the plant groups Croton, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops, or Dracaena.

Dragon’s blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of rituals to drive evil and negativity away.

Medicinal Use

A tree resin used externally, diluted with water, as an antiseptic skin wash. Taken internally, it relieves intestinal gas and is antiseptic to the urinary tract. Take ten to twenty drops in water or tea four times a day. Put it in vaporizers or use it as an inhalant for bronchitis and laryngitis. A simple method is to place it, along with a few drops of the oils of peppermint and eucalyptus, in a bowl of boiling hot water. Put your face as close to the bowl as you can and cover your head, and the bowl, with a towel. Inhale the steam. Tincture of benzoin is often added to salves as a preservative.

Spiritual/Magical Use

An herb of purification, burned in incense to sanctify an area. The scent is also used to attract business when combined with basil, peony, or cinnamon.

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