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The pine tree’s leaves aren’t the traditional shape for an “herb.” Nevertheless, it’s a medicinal plant with a long history. Pine, known for its volatile oil, is most often used as an essential oil for external applications, though Hippocrates and Pliny write of using pine needles for many ailments.

Medicinal Use

Pine needles are a natural decongestant and expectorant. They are also antiseptic and are great for coughs and congestion.

Pine needles have long been used as a traditional health-promoting
medicinal food because they exhibit strong antioxidant, protein, fat,
carbohydrates, fiver, and minerals.

Spiritual/Magical Use

PINE is a spiritual cleanser. Because it is evergreen, it also draws steady money. Burn Pine Wood Chips, Needles or Pine Resin as an incense when moving into a vacant house to drive out spirits.

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