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Druids love to be out in the Forest, but nothing is worse than being attacked by mosquitoes and other insects while you are trying to find Peace in the Grove, or are deep in meditation.

Our Insect Repellent is 100% natural and contains 13 essential oils that are known to repel insects. These are blended into a Karanj Seed Oil and Hazelnut Oil carrier and come in a handy roll-on bottle, or in a 100ml refill bottle.


The following Oils were used in our insect Repellent blend:-

And are blended in a Carrier Oil of Karanj Seed oil and Hazelnut Oil

Directions of Use

Simply roll a small amount on to any exposed areas and rub over the skin.

Note: This Insect Blend is quite strong, if you have sensitive skin, please try a small amount first. If it is an irritant, you can dilute it with any carrier oil.

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Bottle Choices

10ml 23% in Hazelnut, 50ml Refill, 100ml Refill

References: The blends and essences created by Druid Alchemy have been influenced by a number of resources. We have listed those resources on the References Page.