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The scent of Frankincense inspires one to reach one?s highest spiritual potential. It is said to accelerate spiritual growth.

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The Boswellia group of trees consists of some 20 species found in the dry tropical areas of N.E Africa and Asia. When the tree is cut, it exudes a milky liquid that solidifies to an amber oleo-resin/gum that is collected for steam distillation. There is a difference between B.carterii and B.seratta as they are a different tree with a slight variant in odour and possible colour, due to geographical locations, environment, and different requirements of each species.

Frankincense (old French for “franc encens” – High quality incense) is better known for this wondrous incense.

The oleo resin is collected from the bark of this┬ámoderately sized shrub/tree of about 9 – 15 metres, is a deciduous tree with a light, slightly drooping, and spreading crown. In India, white flowers appear at the ends of the branches by late January to March/April. Followed by fruit, that ripen in May – June. The leaves turn from green to yellow to a light brown before they all nearly fall by the end of the year, which new leaves will start to emerge in May/June the following year.

Ingredients: Boswellia Carterii Oil

Frankincense Carterii Oil also called “Olibanum Oil” is the name given to the (Boswellia carterii) variety of Frankincense which is native to and most commonly grown wild in Somalia. Frankincense Carterii Oil (Boswellia carterii) is made from natural, wild, old-growth tree resin and is considered the most valuable and highly prized form of Frankincense oil due to its richness and high levels of therapeutic constituents, over two hundred molecular compounds. It has been an important source of incense in many Middle Eastern and African countries for centuries. It is high in alpha-pinene and other monoterpenes. The aroma of Frankincense Carterii is what most people are familiar with, it has a sweet smooth, relaxing and uplifting aroma and has many therapeutic properties. Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata), also highly valued for its different benefits, is produced on a larger scale and if more affordable than (Boswellia carterii) Oil.

Frankincense is also known as Olibanum.

Distillation: Steam distillation of the resin.

Note: Base note with a green, balsamic lemon-woody aroma

Properties: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, expectorant, tonic, anti-microbial.

Uses: This is a beautiful oil for meditation, massage, compress, bath, skin care, vaporiser or steam inhalation.

Aromatherapy Use

Frankincense is useful for respiratory conditions, such as asthma, congestion, catarrh, coughs and laryngitis, also to improve the immune system against the common cold and flu, even mouth ulcers. It can also help with easing the nervous system, especially in times of nervous tension, stress and anxiety, and to encourage meditation. Useful in skin-care, as it helps to balance minor irritated skin conditions, such as blemishes, scars, minor wounds, wrinkles, assisting dry and mature skin. Some clinical studies of osteeoarthiritis and joint movement /function have indicated some improvements of pain and mobility.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Frankincense emitted a fragrant odour, and the incense was regarded as offerings and an emblem of prayer, therefore symbolising a Holy Oil.

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