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Elderflower has a floral flavour that’s slightly herby, sweet and musky. The flowers are famous for making elderflower cordial, and recently, as a star of the royal wedding cake.

Medicinal Use

Elderflower is a fantastic herb for fighting respiratory infections and irritation. Actions include: expectorant, circulatory stimulant, mild laxative and diuretic. Commonly used to reduce fever and inflammation, for colds, flus, coughs and congestion, to relieve seasonal allergies and hay fever.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Elder leaves, flowers, and berries are used in wish-fulfillment rituals and to bring blessings and luck to a handfasted pair. Elder is an herb of blessing, consecration, and wish fulfillment. The flowers, leaves, or berries can be strewn on a person, place, or thing. Elder is a sacred wood used in funeral pyres. Sprigs of elder—a Goddess tree—are placed in the coffin. To bring the blessings of the Eldermother, a bath for the rite is prepared of elderflower water. Elder is burned in her honour as incense.

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