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To the Western mind, dandelion is considered a weed, but this beautiful all-rounder is considered an important medicinal herb. The flower is yellow, and can be used in cooking, to make wine, or for cosmetic use to soothe the skin.

Medicinal Use

Possible benefits include; for liver and gallbladder health, as a source of antioxidants, to relieve pain from headaches, backaches and menstrual cramps, to relieve stomach cramps, alleviate depression, contains Vitamin A and B12

Spiritual/Magical Use

Dandelion tea is said to increase psychic abilities, perhaps because of its cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. Simple garden magic: pick a “puff ball” on the night of a full moon, call in the sacred directions, and blow your wish to the winds.

Dandelion belongs to the Belenountion: herbs associated with the Celtic Diety Belenos. These are yellow plants that are ritually gathered at midsummer in Brittany. They are said to form the body of the God.

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