This beautiful copper and brass hanging incense censer is hand crafted in Tibet, and ideal for Ceremonial work. By Consecrating and Purifying the Circle, we define it as Sacred for the work we are there to do during a Ceremony.

Using a hanging censer like this adds that special touch. Whether carried around the circle, or passed from member to member, a hanging censer sets the intention that transforms your ceremonial space into a Sacred Space.

This hanging censer is ideal for charcoals, incense coils or cones.


  • 9cm tall
  • 9cm wide.

Caution: Great care must be taken when using incense censers or fire bowls. They become very hot and can be a fire hazard. Always prepare a safe place to hang the censer before lighting it. When used as a fire bowl, NEVER hold the censer while it is alight. Always hang from a metal fixture.


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