Red Champaca to be one of the most enticing, exotic floral scents imaginable – indeed, a precious luxury perfume material! The Red Champaca Absolute is one the most revered oils available today. The oil is extracted from the flowers of the Champaka tree. This tree is a beautiful yet distinct subtropical find with rich aromatic fragrances. The Champaca Red is used in the finest perfumes for this very reason. The flower is also known as the Nag Champa and is primarily used to honor Lord Vishnu. It takes a thousand petals to produce a single drop of this exotic oil.

Michelia champaca is an evergreen tree native to the Philippines and the Indonesian islands, but now also grows in places far west of its origin – India, southeast China, Réunion, and Madagascar; the flowers are a beautiful deep orange-yellow, but vary in color according to locality, borne on medium-sized slender trees related to the Magnolias.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Chamomile, an herb of the sun, brings power and light to spells and protects the home from all dark influences.

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