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Melaleuca cajuputi, commonly known as cajuput or white samet is a plant in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is widespread in Australia, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and the Torres Strait islands. It is a medium to tall tree with papery bark, silvery new growth and white or greenish flower spikes.

Steam distilled fresh leaves, and twigs. Cajeput has traditionally been used for its antiseptic, carminative and local analgesic properties.

Fresh, uplifting and highly fragrant oil, most useful in fighting colds coughs and flu (think chest rub or steam inhalation), and also useful in oily skin applications.

Patch test before applying direct to the skin ( it can irritate some skins). ( if applying to the chest – see note above – please ensure it is diluted)

Medicinal Use

Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful in treating skin conditions. It’s antioxidant properties are useful for aged, damaged, dry and mature skin.

Aromatherapy Use

The name Calendula originates from the fact that it blooms on the calens, or the first of most months. Used since ancient times to comfort the heart and spirits.

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