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Our Black Gum Arabic is imported from Kenya and is a beautiful raw resin.

  • Food Industry: It’s used as a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier in various food products like soft drinks, candies, and gum.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In medicine, it can be used as a binder in pills or tablets due to its adhesive properties.
  • Art and Painting: Gum arabic serves as a binding agent in watercolor paints, helping pigments adhere to surfaces and creating a smooth finish.
  • Crafts: It’s utilized in various craft projects, including making homemade watercolors, inks, and dyes.
  • Printmaking: Artists use it in printmaking techniques like lithography and woodblock printing to create a transfer medium for the image from the plate or block to paper.
  • Cosmetics: It’s found in cosmetics like mascara and lotion for its thickening and emulsifying properties.
  • Photography: Gum arabic is used in some older photographic processes as a coating or to create emulsions.
  • Traditional Medicine: In some cultures, gum arabic is used in traditional medicine for its supposed medicinal properties, like soothing sore throats or as a dietary fiber supplement.

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Note: We supply all of the raw ingredients you need to make your own herbal teas, blends, incenses, etc. They are not packaged with instructions. By selling them in this simple format we can provide them to you at the best possible price. Please reference this page for any instructions. If in doubt, feel free to Contact Us.