Benzoin Absolute has a warm, comforting and pleasant aroma, with sweet balsamic, vanilla-like and slightly woody notes. Is a valued base note and fixative in perfumery. Undiluted, pure and natural.

Benzoin Absolute is extracted from fine Benzoin resin through solvent extraction. It blends with essential oils and alcohols, but may not mix with carrier oils.

natural and fine perfumery
base note and fixative in perfumery
as fragrance component in cosmetics, soaps, toiletries
before use, to be diluted with alcohol
does not blend with carrier oils, insoluble in water

We offer the Benzoin Absolute pure or mixed 70% Benzoin Absolute 30% Ethanol for easier handling.

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1ml Pure, 2ml Pure, 5ml Pure, 5ml 70% in Ethanol, 10ml 70% in Ethanol

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