Beeswax Absolute derived from beeswax which has been discovered in ancient Egypt within the sarcophagus of the dead pharaohs, on Viking longships and in Rome also. Beeswax historical uses include candles, writing wax tablets, bow and arrow making, sealant and lubricant purposes and even early tooth fillings. Beeswax Absolute is also known as Apis mellifera Absolute.
Made from the wax of bees? honeycomb, its rich warm aroma has fine notes of honey and pollen with a soft green hay-like body note and a mild, waxy undertone.
Ingredients: Honeycomb Extract

Common name: Beeswax absolute

Plant part: Wax

Extraction method: Food grade solvent

Common uses: Beeswax is almost exclusively used in the perfumery industry, though some have found success in adding it as a rich and exotic fragrance in skin and haircare products.

Strength of aroma: Mild to Medium

Aromatic scent: Beeswax has a very soft and rich floral – honey aroma.

Caution: Individuals with honey or beeswax allergy should avoid this product. Avoid during pregnancy.

** It is important to note that all absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. They should not be evaluated in this state unless you are accustomed to the undiluted fragrance. For those trying Absolutes for the first time, we strongly recommend they be evaluated in dilution. Otherwise, the complexity of the fragrance ? particularly the rare and exotic notes ? become lost.

Absolutes can be very viscous or even solid and can be difficult to extract from the bottle. Gently warming the absolute in a water bath will melt the product and make it easier to use.

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