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Used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Nutritional value: Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and B2.

Medicinal Use

Common medicinal uses: Arthritis, bronchitis, the common cold, fever, influenza, stomach ulcers, rheumatism, ear ache, epilepsy, heart conditions, malaria, sinusitis, snake bite, stomach ache and vomiting.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Basil is used in rites of exorcism and to bring happiness to the home. Burn it as incense, sew it into sachets, weave it into wreaths, or sprinkle the powder in the corners of rooms. Basil is used to mend lovers’ quarrels and in love spells.

Basil attracts money and brings good luck to a new home. Use it in rites of exorcism and in the ritual bath. Sprinkle the powder over the area of your heart to promote fidelity. The scent brings happiness to the home and will protect you in crowds.

Basil is a traditional herb of protection under the dominion of Mars. It is soaked in water for three days and sprinkled in entrance ways to repel thieves. It will attract customers to a place of business. Basil leaves left exposed in a room will dispel melancholy and bring joy. It is rubbed on the skin or carried for protection in crowds.

Basil is a classic herb for couples, as it tends to mend quarrels. Add it to power bundles and love spells. Sprinkle it over a sleeping loved one to ensure his or her fidelity.

Use basil in the ritual bath and in incense for purification. It brings courage and eases transitions in rites of initiation. Basil is a holy herb of the Hindu tradition, sacred to Vishnu.

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