This beautiful antique Chinese incense censer carries a lot of age and history with it. The true history of it is unknown as it was purchased at an antiques market in China. It is finely crafted in Bronze with the Dragons covered in gold.

Most people purchase antiques as collectors items, to simply keep and marvel at, but I think antiques should be given a new life and what better way than burning your incense in this beautiful bronze censer.

It is suitable for use with a charcoal, or incense cones or powders.


  • 12.5cm wide (across the handles)
  • 10.5cm high (with lid on)
  • 8.5cm bowl diameter
  • 5.5cm bowl height

Caution: Great care must be taken when using incense censers or fire bowls. They become very hot and can be a fire hazard. Always prepare a safe place to hang the censer before lighting it. When used as a fire bowl, NEVER hold the censer while it is alight. Always hang from a metal fixture.


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