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Almond gum is the natural gum obtained from the sweet almond tree. Almond tree resin collects in the form of tears. The ancient Greeks burned the resin to ward off evil spirits and disease, as the fine fragrance disinfects, purifies and clarifies.

It is also known as Badam Gondh or Badam Pisin.

Benefits of Almond Tree Gum:

  • It has great cooling properties and is suitable for people with excessive body heat.
  • It helps calm the stomach, treats ulcers and reduces the burning sensation in the stomach.
  • It is a good for people suffering from diarrhea.
  • It is known for its cholesterol lowering properties.
  • It is given to pregnant women for its nutritional and cooling properties. It strengthens the bone and increases body strength.
  • Being a natural gum, it is free of artificial colors and preservatives. It is therefore ideal for consumption by children.
  • When consumed regularly, it helps gain weight. Add almond gum with milk and drink to see visible result in weight gain.
  • Rather than buying artificial jellies for children, almond gum¬† along with ice cream/ milk will be an all natural desert.

Spiritual/Magical Use

Honey Amber Resin has a warm, exotic and intoxicating scent. It can be used for smudging to cleanse impurities and provide spiritual balance. The natural essence of Amber calms the mind, opens the heart, and smells absolutely divine.

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