In this video below I share a bit about how I make my Ceremonial Incense. Click Read More to see the video.

The ingredients are selected for their properties and their influences on us, both physical and metaphysical. Then after lots of experimenting and testing I arrive at the final recipe. The recipe consists of 9 herbs or resins, 3-4 wood powders, and these are mixed and infused with an oil blend made from 9 essential oils.

I make 10 different Ceremonial Incense blends, 8 of them for the seasonal festivals that Druid’s, Pagans and other may cultures follow. They include:

  • Consecration & Purification Incense
  • Journeying Incense
  • Samhain Incense
  • Alban Arthan – Winter Solstice Incense
  • Imbolc Incense
  • Alban Eilir – Spring Equinox Incense
  • Beltane Incense
  • Alban Hefin – Summer Solstice Incense
  • Lughnasadh Incense
  • Alban Elfed Incense

My Ceremonial Incense comes in a number of different forms including:
* Sticks – small, medium and large

  • Cones – small and large
  • Coils – small and large
  • Bukhoor paste

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