Making Incense

In this video I share a bit about how I make my Ceremonial Incense.

The ingredients are selected for their properties and their influences on us, both physical and metaphysical. Then after lots of experimenting and testing I arrive at the final recipe. The recipe consists of 9 herbs or resins, 3-4 wood powders, and these are mixed and infused with an oil blend made from 9 essential oils.

I make 10 different Ceremonial Incense blends, 8 of them for the seasonal festivals that Druid’s, Pagans and other may cultures follow. They include:

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Developing my Essential Oil Blends

I thought I would share the process I go through when I am working on a new essential oil blend.

Most of my blends are made with 9 essential oils or absolutes. But often after researching the oils that will suit the blend I am developing, I am left with quite a long list of possible ingredients.

By using this method I can work out the best combination of the oils for the desired effect.

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